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Expedia is the largest online travel company in the world, providing millions of consumers with all of their travel needs.  The company has a history of offering the leading selection in discount travel via the World Wide Web.  They have over 90 sites that link consumers to all their travel needs.  These sites cater to both business travel and leisurely travel and provide all aspects of travel including flights, hotels, and more.  When a hotel chooses to partner with Expedia, there are large implications for both their profits and consumer base including an increased customer base.  The latest partnership with Expedia is the Spanish hotel chain, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.  This partnership, solidified on June 21, 2010 has brought a new chain of beachfront accommodations to over a million travelers who book rooms through Expedia each month.  Iberostar’s partnership with Expedia may bring many better discounts and coupons to Expedia.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a chain of family-owned hotels based out of Palma, Majorca.  They offer luxurious accommodations that are located in 16 different countries with over 100 different rooms.  These properties have been given four and five stars and have a long-standing reputation with over 50 years of experience.
This latest agreement has come during a time when Iberostar is developing their business even further.  It will bring them many new customers that they would not have normally had as their properties will be featured in the searches of eager travelers.  In addition to the extra exposure, Iberostar is hoping to expand their industry.  The company has recently begun efforts to expand even further in South America and Africa and is aspiring to become a leader in hotels and resorts worldwide.  Their partnership with Expedia will help them to achieve their goals of international success and act as a catalyst during this development.

Iberostar is not the only party benefiting from this partnership; consumers will also find advantages to this recent partnership.  The Iberostar resorts and hotels are located in many different countries throughout Europe, North America, South America, and the Caribbean and will be a welcomed option for those traveling for business or pleasure.  This gives the traveling consumer an extra channel to look into as far as accommodations allowing them the advantage to look for specific types of amenities and price points that meet their needs.  Expedia hotel coupons and deals may be part of this.

Expedia also has a great deal to gain from partnering with the hotel chain.  The mission of Expedia is to create an increasing selection of hotels for travelers worldwide.  Adding a reputable global chain like Iberostar will aid in their mission, helping to expand upon the Expedia service and maintain their status as the largest worldwide travel company.

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